Bottoms Up


It’s happened.

My kids finally figured out their parts were different and they now giggle about it.

My son doesn’t want anyone looking at him when he pees. My daughter thinks it’s hilarious to bust in on her brother and yell “I see your PENIS!”

…and both my kids ADORE being in their underwear, sticking out their butts, and shaking it all while singing “Shake my bottom, YEAH!”

Last night I gave them separate baths. Soon, it will have to be separate bedrooms.

and I would now like to mourn and cry.

Join me, won’t you?


  1. I have two boys, so it’s not as much of an issue in our house. Except they do keep trying to barge in when I’m in the bathroom of late. Must fix the locks soon!

    Funny how some kids are privacy freaks from an early age, too. My youngest refused to potty train until his brother got the heck out of the bathroom and left him alone. The oldest, though, practically wanted confetti, streamers and a packed stadium every time he went.

  2. We hit that same milestone a little while back…**sigh**

    Son talks about his “Penie” while singing “Shake my bootie”
    Daughter closes herself in her bedroom requesting “Brother needs to stay out so I can play alone.”

    I miss the giggles and splashes of bath time.

  3. My oldest is getting slightly modest. He doesn’t want anyone to see him in the bathroom, but still loves walking around with his butt hanging out or pointing out his brother’s penis every chance he gets. Ahh, kids.

  4. Wait until he hits middle school and starts…..

    Oh never mind, you’re already crying 🙂

  5. Queen of Spain says:


  6. Mine asked me out of the blue yesterday how people – babies – are made. After bringing up the parts? She was not quite as interested as she thought.
    But this growing up thing has got to stop!! 😉

  7. My two are just a bit younger than yours. They love to dance and wag their behinds, too, and the little one always sing-songs “shake your boo-ty…and COOK it!” I don’t know why. But, of course, it cracks her big brother up. They are interested in the various parts, and I’m pretty sure separate baths are coming soon, but I’m hoping to avoid that for a while. This post is so bittersweet — especially coming on the heels of the “protective older brother” one. There are some things so great about their growing bigger, others, not so much, huh? I feel your pain.

  8. Ahhh… sharing your tears….and thinking … these are those priceless moments that you will always remember!

    Savor all the moments!

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