Trying to discuss boys, take 1 (and a half)

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  1. ZOMG I love her. Really cute video of the both of you. ­čÖé
    .-= Undomestic Diva┬┤s last blog ..Love and appliances =-.

  2. She’s a freaking ham.

  3. Mandi Bone says:

    She sounds like my 5 year old. I also saw the eye rool. Does that mean I drink?

  4. I do Mandi. I do.

  5. OMG, She really is her father’s daughter isn’t she?


  6. No, because her father hates kitties. AND puppies.

  7. You just can’t win with the puppies, can you??!

  8. My seven year old son loved this and now he’s walking around saying, “I want kitties!” So…um…thanks for that.
    .-= Momo Fali┬┤s last blog ..Rebound =-.

  9. lololoolol SORRY!

  10. I would have to consider that a success.

    .-= Louis Gray┬┤s last blog ..Low Quality Offensive Ads Degrade the Web Experience =-.

  11. Yes Louis. KITTIES FOREVER

  12. I’m with you, Hala! Kitties!!!!
    .-= Pop and Ice┬┤s last blog ..Carol Lynn and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day =-.

  13. That was so adorable. I’d take kitties over boys ANY day!
    .-= Tina┬┤s last blog ..Maintenence Required =-.

  14. God! She’s funny!

    Kitties rule. Much better than boys.
    .-= cartoongoddess┬┤s last blog ..Love =-.

  15. OH I totally agree – KITTIES!!!

    And boys can really put one to sleep sometimes. You two are quite an adorable pair. That gave me a big smile on my face! THANKS.
    .-= Camille Bright-Smith┬┤s last blog ..Miss American Way (The Lilly Ledbetter Song) =-.

  16. Hey, if Hala needs some serious kitty time, then she needs to spend some time with my girls. ‘Cause we have kitties, not dolls, around here, and that is ALL they talk about and they often don kitty ear headbands and pretend they’re kitties, and make their stuffed kitties talk to each other in teeny tiny high voices and yesterday I saw them pile three little stuffed kitties on the back of one of our real kitties for some reason…

    And – he doesn’t like kitties either? ??!!??!!?!?!
    .-= Violet The Verbose┬┤s last blog ..Beginnings =-.

  17. For the record, we also talk about boys sometimes – last night’s conversation went beyond the explanation of sexual intercourse (old news) and on to gay rights and genetics (i.e. why it’s not good to marry your first cousin.
    .-= Violet The Verbose┬┤s last blog ..Beginnings =-.

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