…And Some of You Just Eat Chicken Soup

I just want to get a cold like a normal person.

They call me...LUPUS QUEEN!!! Able to save organs with asshole steroids & love my family while drugged!

I want my husband to be annoyed I whined and whined until he said ‘FINE’ and picked up yet more tissues AND more chicken noodle soup, even though clearly all I have is a COLD and I can go get them my own damn self.

All I do have is a cold. I CAN go get things my own damn self.

But then again, I can’t.

My doctors did not even want me in urgent care- too many germs. The ER? Hell no…WAAAAAAY too many germs.

Despite me feeling strong and despite my overall health improving greatly- my immune system needs to be destroyed every so often so they can rebuild it stronger, better, bigger, more advanced….we have the technology! (Did I mention it’s 3:23am and I haven’t slept in days thanks to steroids and new drugs to take care of this cold/virus/thingy?)

Anyway, this time around our timing was off and that miscalculation has cost me dearly. Imagine being the ONLY ONE in the house – where elementary school children live – who gets PINK EYE.

In other words, if it’s going around you can BET I will be catching it. Leaving me in this horrible position of feeling strong enough to maybe help out around the house a bit….throw in a load of laundry, pick up some toys, disinfect that tea-cup I touched. However, every time I use energy I sacrifice precious healing power.

My cold, of course, caused a nice ear, nose, and throat infection which got into my chest and caused a nice upper respiratory infection which they either like to call ‘walking pneumonia’ to scare you or I now have walking pneumonia. But I’ve had that shot (flu and the pneumonia one) and at the first sign of any issues I get a nice bed at Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial up the road.

But you see how all of this just started with me having a cold? One normal, stupid, booger filled, run-of-the-mill cold?

Kids are on edge worried I’ll land up that road in that bed. Husband is taking it well, knowing we’re only at ‘Defcon 1’ as it was dubbed tonight.

I’m on oodles of antibiotics and for the first time in two years I feel like I JUST HAVE  A COLD.


But Lupus is a cruel bitch that way. Auto-immune disorders are all sneaky sirens. They have you believe you just have a typical runny nose and cough and !BAM! suddenly you are occupying that bed up the road as they work to get the infection out of your lungs instead sitting on the couch in your pj’s playing new video games Santa brought.

So I will keep taking these antibiotics and resting on my couch. I have a date with a nine-year old to play some video games this morning.

Then later today this seven-year old and I have a rematch:

Whatever Mom, I'm going to kick your chess butt #allhailhala

And if the stars align, this hot stud and I will do some quality napping just to make sure EVERYONE stays healthy…

#2013 @aaronvest kicked in the new year napping all day. I made dinner & did laundry happily. About time #suckitlupus

It beats that bed up the road by far. That stuffy place doesn’t even let my youngest come in…

Yes I did this to @nickythepup

All for a cold.


  1. If chanting Just Be a Cold would make you well, I’d be the chantingest chanter you ever did see.

  2. You are too sweet. Chanting is worth a try at this point. That being said… still happy to ‘only’ have an upper rep. infection. That’s ‘normal’ … I’ll take normal

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