She Will Marry A Hootin’ And Hollerin’ Construction Worker

I said look at me. And whistle. Yes, I said whistle. I SAID TO LOOK AT ME AND WHISTLE because LOOK how pretty I am.


That’s exactly what my daughter was saying as this photo was taken.

Hand on her hip and angry, she wanted a boy’s attention and she wanted it with a cat call.

I was horrified.

Of course we then had a discussion about wanting attention because we’re smart, not pretty, and that whistling was actually quite rude.

My daughter’s reaction? To sigh heavily like a 16-year old, throw her Hello Kitty purse over her shoulder, and then roll her eyes at me.

Uh huh.

My son, on the other hand, refused to participate and then repeated to her what I had said when she, again, asked him to give her a cat call.

Who’s child is this? Because she can’t possibly be mine.

Ok, Ok, maybe in the ‘wanting attention’ department she might be mine.

Ok, Ok, maybe she thinks gaining the attention of boys…good. And maybe she learned that from….

ahhhh. Fuck.


  1. Bring her over when she’s about 12. I’ll lock her up in the basement with my two girls and we can let them all out when they’re about 30.

  2. Fwweeeeee-fooooooo. That is my phonetic rendition of a whistle. Was it okay?

  3. Sounds like a plan Diana….

    Don’t encourage her Homeslice!!!

  4. Ha ha – hee hee – oh my… *wiping eyes* I am convinced that she is doing this because she knows it freaks you out, and one day she will stop it and become an international correspondent for CNN.

  5. LOL She’ll be fun when she’s 16.

  6. Omg, I am laughing so hard. From shy to gimme the guys? You, my dear, are going to have your hands full.

    Ummm, Erin? Ever think about an All Girls School when she’s older? lol
    Too cute, too funny, and just too adorable. *hugs*

  7. Show this post to your husband and tell him — THIS is what happens when little girls don’t get a white puppy.

  8. We have a lot of conversations about how it’s not being pretty that matters, it’s being yourself and being kind. I’m pretty sure my daughter doesn’t buy it, either. I am so not looking forward to her teen years.

  9. Hooker Caldwell says:


  10. Trouble! with a capital T. polish your shotguns 😀

  11. Whistling? How Mae West of her!

  12. Oh boy! She’s going to be trouble!

  13. I received my first and second kiss in the back seat of my mom’s Buick when I was 6. I was engaged by the 4th grade.

    Fast forward a hundred years. I have 2 daughters, ages 9 and 7.

    I now call my dad weekly to apologize for everything I put my parents through.

  14. What is that saying about the apple not falling very far from the tree?

    That being said, I married one of those construction workers and he never whistles at me. Hmph.

  15. I love it! You will have your hands full with that one.

  16. LOL. Okay, but who says he has to be a contruction worker? Whistles and cat calls can come from all KINDS. I may have tested this theory in past but I will never fully admit to it.

  17. Let her lure them in with her good looks and keep them with her mind. It will make all the stupid pretty girls cry. And that’s fun stuff.

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