The POUT Face & Why I Must End It…NOW

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I really don’t know why I’m surprised. My six-year old daughter was pulling out her full on POUT face (see above) for $99 Prada frames at the eyedoctor…even though her vision was deemed 20/20.

That’s right, she has zero need for glasses yet walked out of her exam having decided she needed a pair to go with ‘just some outfits’ and because several other little girls in her class had gotten glasses. Cue my very unoriginal ‘and if several other girls in your class decided to jump off a bridge…’ which then I immediately turned into a seemingly unoriginal rant about how she should have her own, independent style and it should have very little to do with eyewear. Doesn’t she want to be a trend setter?

But Mom these are dark pink and light pink, no one has those.

Doesn’t she want to show off her pretty face and her great vision?

But Mom, did you see the little diamonds on the side?

We can find OTHER non-prescription glasses at another store much cheaper if you really want a pair to just ‘wear.’

But Mom, I want THESE and this is the EYEGLASSES STORE. I don’t want to get my GLASSES from the grocery store.

Ok that one I’ll give her, and maybe the diamonds thing (they were cute) but I’m not buying a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR pair of GLASSES (Prada or no Prada label) just so she can maybe wear them to school a few times, get bored with them, and then put them on her American Girl doll with whom she is now, also, bored.

This is my fault. I know. I deserve this, don’t I?

My Mother is snickering in Florida somewhere reading this.

We can have this argument when she’s 16. But not SIX. Which is stupid for me to say because we’re having it and she’s six, so let me just say this argument will make more sense at 16. So I’m cutting it OFF at six.

Or trying to.

Oh who am I kidding. I’m screwed.

I’ll just hand over the $100 now and call it a day. And then throw in a goose that lays golden eggs and rename her Veruca.

And don’t tell her that her Mother got the Versace frames. Oh screw it, tell her. I AM THE MOM AND I CAN GET WHAT I WANT.

No really, don’t tell her. I’m tired.


  1. You know, this raises a conversation I’ve been having with myself and other moms lately. Have we spoiled our kids so much with technology and access that they don’t even realize how inappropriate it is for them to make such requests?? It’s not their fault, it’s ours. How have I not taught my kids the value of a dollar?

    I wonder. Do your kids do chores? Do they get an allowance? I keep thinking that’s what I did wrong–not doing that drill.

    What can we do to turn it around??!!!

  2. All hope is not lost… 🙂
    My kidlet spent all-day yesterday wearing her “glasses” as part of her at-home-school-holiday ensemble. The glasses were her choice out of the reading glasses at the Dollar Tree – with the lenses popped out b/c we aren’t going to risk that 20/20 vision either.
    In good news, I thought the AG doll was abandoned forever but she was just uninterested for a few months. It’s back in rotation again. 🙂

  3. I wanted glasses so bad as a child. I had to have been in third or fourth grade. I remember being taken for an eye exam and the optometrist (optician?) telling my mom I had perfect vision and must have just wanted to be different. I had my frames all picked out too. I left there frameless. My middle girl, at 8, has non-prescription glasses from Claire’s. My husband doesn’t understand the appeal/allure. But I do. I get it.

  4. She does do chores, but not as consistently as I should *make* her do them. And this comes with an allowance that also includes trying very hard at her *job* which is school. So every Friday, if all things are in order and her teacher has a good report and chores are done she gets $5.

    SHE is consistent on doing what is asked of her – it’s me that sucks at asking. That being said, lately I have been making a MUCH bigger deal of this and making her do her chores at home and making sure I check in with her teacher.

    Mind you the teacher/school thing actually started with her brother, who needed some ‘motivation’ in that area. So to be ‘fair’ we also started it with his sister.

    Sigh. I don’t know. To be fair she didn’t know or ask how much the glasses cost. She just knew she wanted them. And I have no issue with her dressing up, wearing what she likes (have you SEEN their school photos?) so it’s not a fashion issue or me getting upset at what she wears, it’s truly her entitlement thing. She pouts, and she thinks her POUT will get her whatever she wants.

  5. At least you were smart about it. I let the 8YO look at frames BEFORE her appointment. She became so enamored with the novelty, she tried to throw her eye exam. Thank God for a savvy and not greedy eye doc.

  6. Mom in Florida says:

    snicker,snicker…I have to say this did make me chuckle….I love that granddaughter of mine…as you all must know already she’s so much like her mother.. You know what they say about paybacks..xoxo

  7. Could she talk to my 9 year old and convince her to wear her glasses that she NEEDS to wear? Heck, I’d pay for the Prada label, too, if she would just keep them on her face!

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