Update: Tit Brigade! Now with Emailing Asshats!

*** edited at bottom with latest carla email.

Just in case you still have the urge to show asshats like the ones below your tits-you can send me your photos at queenofspainblog@yahoo.com.

New comment on your post #569 “Maggie Gyllenhaal is my HERO”
Author : Tandy (IP: , c-68-53-26-64.hsd1.tn.comcast.net)
E-mail : entrenous@comcast.net
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You’re missing the point entirely. We all realize that boobs are for feeding babies. We know it’s natural and we’re over it.
We don’t want to see your old crusty, saggy, flabby, veiny titties. I don’t want to see Maggie’s, Janet’s or yours. Likewise I don’t want to walk down a public street and come around the corner to some man’s saggy, crusty scrotum. Vaginas are for birthing babies, that doesn’t mean I want to see Britney’s.
Glorify the old fat sacs if you must but get off your soapbox because some of us don’t. It’s a titty, not a god. Get over it and put it back in your shirt. We’re not impressed.

To: entrenous@comcast.net

Sent: Monday, June 18, 2007 10:01 AM

Subject: Re: [Queen of Spain Blog] Comment: “Maggie Gyllenhaal is my HERO”

umm…so you KNOW it’s natural and you’re over it..yet you don’t want to see our tits. Who’s missing what point here?

“Carla” entrenous@comcast.net wrote:

Yes, it’s natural. So is taking a shit, changing a baby’s dirty diaper or having sex, that doesn’t mean it’s okay for people to do it on the street. And it doesn’t mean I want to see you do it. Just because there’s a baby involved doesn’t make it kosher. Have some common decency and show some manners for chrissakes and keep your crusty nips to yourself.

“Erin VEST” queenofspainblog@yahoo.com wrote:

Not gunna happen. Not going to hide. You eat in public. You drink in public. So will my kids. The day you hide to eat, is the day I don’t whip them out.

*********updated with this reponse from “Carla”

I don’t eat off a tit for starters so there’s your difference. Nobody has a problem with eating in public, it’s the skanky titty in public we have a problem with. But when you flop it out I’ll be the one pointing at you and laughing. Maybe you could call up Britney and she’ll squirt some kids out of her coochie there with you. A match made in heaven.

Because I assume “Carla” ate something today, and someone HAD to have seen it..this one is for her:

My tits in a Red Wing Jersey


The page you have been waiting for is here!

In honor of breastfeeding mothers everywhere, all of whom should feed WHEREVER and WHENEVER they see fit, we are showing you our TITS. You will notice a new link in my LEFT sidebar that will FOREVER show my tits, your tits, anyone who wants’ tits to the world in an honest effort to make people everywhere realize THEY ARE JUST BOOBS!They are meant to feed. They are meant to nourish. THEY ARE NOT OBSCENE and they should and WILL be whipped out anywhere and everywhere there is a crying baby.

There is still time to add your tits to the cause. Email me at queenofspainblog@yahoo.com!

Tits Across the Blogosphere

Holy Boobs!

I want to thank everyone in their support of my “Whip ‘Em Out” for Maggie internet nurse-in. I can’t get over how many of you took off your tops and flashed me-all in the name of shutting up the haters.

I have so many emails I’m STILL reading them all, and so far, not ONE has been negative. And my inbox runneth over in boobage. So much so, that I’m going to launch an entire new page to this site brimming with nips, tits, and all that is breast. YOUR breasts that you sent me, linked to me, and otherwise lifted your shirts, bras, blankets, and those totally retarded “tents” to show me.

Look out internet, my tits are paving the way for dozens more…all beautiful, bodacious, and JUST FUCKING BOOBS! So in the spirit of telling the world to FUCK OFF THEY ARE JUST BOOBS I will happily launch the Tit Brigade in the next few days…for those who have already sent their tits to me, I thank you. Please let me know if you want them to be posted with or without your blog and or name. For those who want their tits on the page-email me now!


For breastfeeding moms everywhere-SHOW US YOUR TITS!

Maggie Gyllenhaal is my HERO

I could not possibly be more grumpy today-so I suggest anyone not in the mood for one hell of a Queen rant, get the fuck off the blog now.


Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal whipped out a tit and let her kid eat in public. You know where it goes from there. Sarah wrote about it over at Strollerderby and the comments range from “why are we talking about this again?” to “you boob feeders are sick-os” or something like that.

Of course, Sarah (being my real life friend) knows just how much this sets me off into a blind range and made sure I took at look at the article. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I quickly became possessed not to mention obsessed with exacting my revenge on those fuckheads of the world who seem to think I should breastfeed in a closet, in a bathroom, under a blanket, or not at all when their ignorant eyes are watching.

Let me expand on my Strollerderby comment, if you don’t mind:

Seriously? We’re going to fight about this again???

Fuck your blankets and fuck your bottles.

Go Maggie. The rest of you can suck my tits. I’m so not in the mood to have this discussion for the 1000th time.

Get the fuck over it. It’s just a boob.

It’s just a boob indeed. JUST A MOTHERFUCKING BOOB. I’ve written about this issue so many times now that I seriously do not know what else to say to all you asshats that seem to think my tit exposed to feed my child is baaaaaaaaaaad. You are a moron. End of story. (yes, this is a very well thought out argument, can’t you tell??) You are also forcing me to resort to drastic measures.

I’m here to make sure you get the fuck over seeing tits. Maggie, this is for you.


Suck it.

*****updated: It seems my tits have inspired others to do the same-in support of breastfeeding moms! Karl was first to whip em out in solidarity! Join us, won’t you? Post and I”ll link to you here!*******

Keri has joined the fun.

So has Summer!

And my favorite Violet!

For those who can not post a photo on their own blog, I will happily do it here!

I’ve shown you my TITS

Which means this really should not be a contest.

My site was nominated for Hottest Mommy Blogger!


Come on over to the Huffington Post today and point and laugh with me.


Did you hear about the big APOLOGY?

I think it’s safe to say over 20-thousand signatures, hundreds of nurse-ins across the nation, and countless emails and phone calls made Delta and Freedom Airlines pee their pants.

From Momsrising.org: Emails and calls from MomsRising members, as well as regular updates about the high number of petition signatures, pushed both Delta and Freedom Airlines to issue statements underscoring their commitment to allowing women to breastfeed onboard planes. Freedom Air also noted that the incident would serve as a training opportunity for all employees.

As for my flight home, I thought the 4 Delta flight attendants next to me, in front of me, behind me and walking by me went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. HRH Princess Peanut nursed more than 5 times and even pulled my shirt up to show the attendants just what she was up too under there. No one batted an eyelash, except maybe the entire men’s soccer team behind us. And I think most of them were more concerned that Count Waffles entire orange juice landed on their flip flops. How a 3-year-old spills an entire airplane cup of juice into his seat, yet manages to NOT get himself wet is beyond me…but there is a very nice soccer team (who made it to the finals, I understand) with citrus smelling shoes in Los Angeles. Thanks boys.

Delta. Don’t Suckle Your Spawn in Our Skies.

Erin is in WEST VIRGINIA with very, very limited internet access, but she really wanted to give everyone an update on her Delta trip, so I, Karen, have hijacked her blog in order to share this important post with you. Erin is stuck in “ahem” inlaw land with rural snail mail as her only ways of communicating with the outside world. Ha ha, sucker. Look at my high-speediness as I overtake your empire!

Okay, I’ll shutup now.

Without further ado, here are Erin’s words:

I nursed Princess Peanut everywhere but in the plane’s toliet and no one so much as even raised an eyebrow at me. She even nursed while doing her famous UPSIDE down move:

However, I’m sad to inform everyone that I did get this from a Delta representative in my email box today, it reads, in part:

“Delta fully supports a mother’s decision to breastfeed . We even provide rooms in our workplaces for our employees who are nursing mothers to pump and store breast milk . We just ask that mothers use their own discretion as they would in any other public place. “

What the fuck does “use their own discretion” mean? Are they saying the mother on the Vermont flight did not use discretion? What, exactly, constitutes discretion when feeding a baby at 220000 feet? Am I allowed to show the top part of my tit? The side only? The bottom half?

And the blanket. On our flight from Atlanta to WV our flight attendant TOLD US to put our blankets on our seats for the next passenger on the next flight. YOU WANT ME TO COVER MY CHILD WITH THAT???

Momsrising.org has a petition going. Get your asses over there.

Hi. Karen here again. So I’m hearing this right? They want you to shield your extremely offensive, milk-producing, child-sustaining, Scooby Snacks, with an ASS BLANKET that has been touched by HOW MANY PEOPLE without being washed? AND cover your child’s FACE with it so she can inhale all the germs from the last 40 passengers and their asses?

Not once did anyone question me about breastfeeding my kids. I waited for it. I armed myself with plenty of retort, but it never happened. I can turn my television on or fire up The Google and find millions of tits, but God (or Delta) forbid anyone try and do what’s natural.

My new slogan for Delta would be: “Delta. Don’t Suckle Your Spawn in Our Skies.”

What’s YOUR new slogan for Delta?”